Kittens01Smulan cleaning herself
Kittens02Smulan the proud mom
Kittens03Smulan cleaning some more
Kittens04The first kitten
Kittens05Kitten nr 2
Kittens06The kittens looking for food
Kittens07Smulan and the kittens
Kittens08Cleaning the kittens
Kittens09Ozzie smelling one of the kittens
Kittens10Smulan cleaning a kitten
Kittens11Smulan still cleaning
Kittens12Nisse looking what is happening
Kittens13Smulan trying to rest
Kittens14Smulan is tired
Kittens15Smulan is still tired
Kittens16Smulan resting some more
Kittens17Smulan getting ready for nr 3
Kittens18Smulan cleans herself
Kittens19Smulan cleans one of the kittens
Kittens20One of the kittens
Kittens21Same kitten
Kittens22Smulan checking on nr 1 and nr 2
Kittens23Kittens are cute
Kittens24The kittens back with mommy
Kittens25First picture of nr 3
Kittens26Smulan cleaning nr 3
Kittens27Smulan cleans some more
Kittens282 of the kittens
Kittens29Same kittens
Kittens30All kittens
Kittens31The kittens and there tired mom
Kittens32The kittens eating food
Kittens33A closeup of the kittens
Kittens34Smulan is tired but proud
Kittens35Three blind ehmmm.... cats ;O)
Kittens36more of the kittens
Kittens37even more kittypics
Kittens38can there ever be enough?
Kittens39a closeup of nr1?
Kittens40a closeup of nr2?
Kittens41i give up, probably a closeup of nr3 ;O)
Kittens42the kittens sleeping
Kittens43Ain't they cute?
Kittens44"please don't fart"
Kittens45Kittens trying to eat
Kittens46Kittens eat some more
We now have names on the litte hellcats, it's Knatte, Fnatte & Tjatte. Atlest til we know the sex of them ;O)
Kittens47Knatte about 125g
Kittens48Fnatte about 115g
Kittens49Tjatte about 130g
Kittens50Kittens playing or something
Kittens51Fnatte & Tjatte use Knatte as a pillow
No new pictures but the weight of each cat, Knatte 110g, Fnatte 126g & Tjatte 125g
New weighing and some pics. Knatte 138g, Fnatte 151g & Tjatte 137g
Kittens52Fnatte is out exploring the box
Kittens53Tjattes time to explore the same box
Video:Smulan rescues her cats from the "evil" humans ;O)
no pictures only weights Knatte 149g, Fnatte 164g & Tjatte 148g
new weights and new pictures. Knatte 164g, Fnatte 178g & Tjatte 158g
Kittens57Knatte has open a small part of the eyes
Kittens58Tjatte has one eye a little open
Kittens59Fnatte still has closed eyes
The kittens has started to open there eyes, Knatte(174g) has 2 eyes half open, Fnatte(190g) has little open on both eyes & tjatte(170g) has one eye half open.
Kittens60Knatte "i can see you now too"
Kittens61Fnatte "i chose not to open my eyes"
Kittens62Tjatte "opening one eye is enough for me"
Kittens63Tjatte wants to ride smulan
Kittens64Nisse "Is that a cat? looks more like a rat!"
Kittens65Nisse "Smulan, take him away i am not his father"
Knatte 188g, Fnatte 205g & Tjatte 184g
Knatte 201g, Fnatte 220g & Tjatte 199g
This has been a strange day, the owner of smulan came by with a 1 day old kitten which we tried to get to start eating but seems like it didn't want to ;O(
On a lighter note, she checked the kittens sex and Fnatte is a girl and we have changed her name to Mimmi.
Knatte 233g, Mimmi 250g & Tjatte 224g
Knatte 250g, Mimmi 265g & Tjatte 236g The owner was here today to pick up the little kitten and was taken to a vet who decided that there was nothing to do and put it to sleep R.I.P Kalle:
Knatte 265g, Mimmi 275g & Tjatte 243 Today is ther 2 week anniversary. And we celibrated them by taking them outside in the gras for the first time ;O).
Kittens66Knatte "This is soft"
Kittens67Nisse "Are the kittens everywhere now?"
Kittens68The kittens keeping close to eachother
Kittens69The kittens trying to sleep
Kittens70The kittens back in the box
Knatte 273g, Mimmi 285g & Tjatte 250g
Knatte 287g, Mimmi 293g & Tjatte 257g
Knatte 296g, Mimmi 305g & Tjatte 264g. And now some pictures:
Kittens71Knatte posing for the camera
Kittens72Knatte trying to hide from the camera
Kittens73Mimmi trying to avoid the camera
Kittens74Tjatte has other things too look at
Kittens75The three small devils....ehm angels
Kittens76Knatte "what are you looking at
Kittens77Knatte trying not to pose for the camera
Kittens78Mimmi "am i cute or not?"
Kittens79Knatte a little to close to the camera
Kittens80Knatte loves the camera
Kittens81Knatte peaks from behind Tjatte
Knatte 302g, Mimmi 316g & Tjatte 273g
Knatte 310g, Mimmi 328g & Tjatte 282g
Knatte 320g, Mimmi 335g & Tjatte 290g
Kittens82The kittens is outside again
Kittens83Tjatte checking out the neighbourhood
Kittens84Knatte checking out the box
Kittens85Knatte & Mimmi taking it easy
Kittens86Tjatte Trying to hide
Kittens87Smulan to the rescue
Kittens88The gang all togheter
Kittens89Knatte looks not too pleased
Kittens90Knatte hanging over Tjatte
Knatte 327g, Mimmi 356g & Tjatte 298g
The kittens are now three weeks and Mimmi celebrated by gaining 21g ;O)
Knatte 337g, Mimmi 361g & Tjatte 307g
Kittens91Knatte "no pictures in here"
Kittens92Tjatte leaving the lionhouse
Kittens93Tjatte checking out the room
Kittens94Mimmi is also leaving the house
Kittens95And the winner of big catbrother 2003 is Knatte ;O)
Kittens96Knatte and Tjatte is checking things out
Kittens97The kittens playing with Smulan watching on
Kittens98Knatte running from the big monster with pants
Kittens99Smulan "don't disturb me when i am watching the kids"
Kittens100Knatte & Tjatte checking eachother out
Kittens101Time to sleep for the kittens
Kittens102The kittens are sleeping like.... ehhmmmm kittens ;O)
Knatte 343g, Mimmi 377g and Tjatte 316g
Knatte 361g, Mimmi 390g and Tjatte 334g
Knatte 371g, Mimmi 407g and Tjatte 341g
Knatte 387g, Mimmi 414g and Tjatte 352g
Knatte 395g, Mimmi 424g and Tjatte 356g
Knatte 404g, Mimmi 436g and Tjatte 373g
Kittens103Tjatte checking out the carpet
Kittens104The kittens are togheter
Kittens105Knatte watching Mimmi and Tjatte fight
Kittens106Mimmi checking out the sofa
Kittens107The brother is checking out a new place to sleep
Kittens108Mimmi inside their box
Knatte 414g, Mimmi 440g and Tjatte 378g
Kittens109Mimmi is outside
Kittens110Knatte and Tjatte staying inside the box
Kittens111Knatte and Tjatte getting curious
Kittens112Mimmi "it's more safe inside the box"
Kittens113Tjatte's face
Kittens114Knatte's face
Kittens115Mimmi's face
Kittens116Mimmi and Knatte out having fun
Kittens117Tjatte "we had fun but now we need some sleep"
Knatte 418g, Mimmi 446g and Tjatte 378g
Kittens118Tjatte loves the camera
Kittens119Mimmi stretching and Knatte cleaning himself
Kittens120Knatte still cleaning himself
Kittens121Mimmi is curious
Kittens122Mimmi is cute
Kittens123Tjatte is cute
Kittens124Knatte is also cute
Time for some new pictures of the kittens:
Kittens125Knatte eating with his paws too
Kittens126Knatte getting ready to eat
Kittens127Tjatte & Mimmi eating
Kittens128The kittens eating there favorite food
Kittens129The kittens playing with dad
Kittens130Knatte sleeping
Kittens131Tjatte & Mimmi sleeping
Kittens132Tjatte & Mimmi still sleeping
Kittens133Tjatte out hunting
Kittens134Mimmi playing
Kittens135Knatte looks to the right
Kittens136Knatte looks left
Kittens137Knatte up close
Kittens138Mimmi up close
Kittens139Tjatte up close
Kittens140The kittens mom
Kittens141Knatte sleeping well
Kittens142Tjatte up close
Kittens143Smulan up close
Kittens144Knatte looks nice
Kittens145Mimmi looks nice too
Kittens146Mimmi still looks nice
Kittens147Mimmi shows her head
Kittens148Tjatte is lovely as usual
Kittens149Tjatte gets interupted by something
Kittens150Tjatte is planning evil stuff
here is some pictures from week 10