Kittens 2004!

Here is the place for all info on our new kittens.
Only thing we have now is some pictures from smulans trip to the vet.
We found out that smulan is about 6 weeks in so they will probablt come in 3 weeks.
here are the pictures: The vet

May 9 2004:
Smulan finaly deliverd the kittens we found her hiding in a box with three kittens already born.
She got five kittens in the end and she seems to be doing verry well. Here are some pictures of the newborn kittens.
Day 0
The kittens are fine weighing at 90g to 113g.

May 11 2004:
The kittens are growing well, here are some more pictures.
Day 2

May 15 2004:
The kittens are growing verry well, they are growing from 4g to 15g/day.
And here is some new pictures
Day 6

May 19 2004:
Here is some new picks of the kittens:
Day 10

May 26 2004:
The kittens are now 2 weeks and growing steadely. Here is some more pictures:
Day 17

June 10 2004:
Finaly fixed the camera so here is some more kittypics:
Day 32
June 11 2004:
A small update with some pictures
Day 33
June 17 2004:
Day 39
June 21 2004:
Celebrating the kittens being 6 weeks with some new photos
Day 43
June 26 2004:
Day 48
Juli 1 2004:
Celebrating Canada day with some pictures
Day 53
July 9 2004:
Kittens are today 2 month old
Week 8
July 19 2004:
Week 10
July 26 2004:
Bought a new camera so had to try it out
Week 11
August 6 2004:
Hart is leaving today to his new home, he is also called Hampus now ;O)
Week 12
October 12 2004:
I have not updateted but here is one
5 Months