Nisse Nisse trying to sleep
Nisse2 Nisse keeping a lookout
Nisse3 Nisse is annoyed
Nisse4 Nisse is posing for the camera
Nisse5 Nisse posing for the camera
Nisse6 Nisse checkin outside
Nisse7 Nisse outside
Nisse8 Nisse walking around
Nisse9 Nisse checking the camera
Nisse10 Nisse taking a rest
Nisse11 Nisse annoyed a bit
Nisse12 Nisse sitting and looking things out
Nisse13 Nisse posing again for the camera
Nisse14 Nisse is ontop of the world, well the fence anyway
Nisse15 Nisse laying on the table
Nisse16 Nisse infront of the cathouse
Nisse17 Nisse on the hunt
Nisse18 Nisse found some grass
Nisse19 Nisse behind the gnome
Nisse20 Nisse sleeping on a chair
Nisse21 Nisse posing for the camera
Nisse22 Nisse in the Catstand
Nisse23 Nisse posing in the catstand
Nisse24 Nisse thinking about sleeping
Nisse25 Nisse still thinking
Nisse26 This is gonna take awhile
Nisse27 Nisse checking out the flowers
Nisse28 Nisse Looking outside
Nisse29 Nisse sitting in his favorite spot
Nisse30 Nisse in sneaking mode*new*
Nisse31 Nisse is annoyed*new*
Nisse32 Nisse trying to hide*new*
Nisse33 Nisse on the lookout*new*

Nisse Nisse trying to climb the fence(music is the theme from Benny Hill)Windows Media Player needed