Ozzie Ozzie looking ohhh so happy
Ozzie2 Ozzie trying to ignore the camera
Ozzie3 Ozzie trying to catch some sun(indoors)
Ozzie4 Ozzie napping
Ozzie5 Ozzie looking for danger
Ozzie6 Ozzie sleeping in my bed
Ozzie7 Ozzie resting
Ozzie8 Ozzie chilling on the chair
Ozzie9 Ozzie drinking water
Ozzie10 Ozzie playing hide and go seek
Ozzie11 Ozzie looking around his domain
Ozzie12 Ozzie looks in another direction
Ozzie13 Can you guess where Ozzie is in?
Ozzie14 Still don't know?
Ozzie15 Ahhh he's in is own house
Ozzie16 Ozzie thinking
Ozzie17 Ozzie still thinking, probably about food
Ozzie18 Ozzie taking a rest
Ozzie19 Ozzie resting on the catstand
Ozzie20 Does some more resting
Ozzie21 Ozzie posing for the camera
Ozzie22 Ozzie looking outside
Ozzie23 What is this?
Ozzie24 Ahhh Ozzies new sleeping place
Ozzie25 Ozzie sleeping on a chair
Ozzie26 Ozzie still sleeping
Ozzie27 Ozzie doing some thinking
Ozzie28 Ozzie doing some stretching
Ozzie29 Ozzie trying to look like a present*new*