Photo Gallery


The plane i flew in to Canada

The same plane

Still the same plane ;O)

Luggage and other stuff

Walkway to the plane, note the sign ;O)

Tiana in her costume

Tiana is a Princess and Jayda is a Butterfly

More pictures of the kids

Doras favorite place, Chris monitor

Time for a nap

Closeup of Dora

Dusty & Boots sleeping on my bed

Closeup of Dusty

Dusty taking a nap from a hard day of sleeping

Still Sleeping

Tiana posing for the camera

Jayda is also posing

Squirrel out on the balcony

Dora in one of the cupboards

Dora and Boots sleeping

Dora and Boots being friendly

Boots sleeping and Dora posing

Boots finds a new place to play

Dora sleeping on the floor

My bed

My closet, which i thought was gonna be my bed ;O)

Boots doing her best posing

Jennifers and Chris appartment, left door is theirs

Another photo of the house

Chris car

Chris car from the side

The backyard

A Canadian stopsign